Zerion And Gelato Network Partner Up For Automated Liquidity Management

The 200,000+ monthly users on Zerion’s DeFi platform will now be able to access automated liquidity management services thanks to the integration of the Gelato Network protocol.

Source: cryptodaily.co.uk

Liquidity Automated For 5 Stablecoin Pairs

Earlier today, leading DeFi investment interface, Zerion announced that it has successfully integrated the Gelato Network protocol to automate smart contract executions. The network also comprises an automated liquidity provision that will allow all Zerion users to manage their Uniswap v3 positions for maximum returns automatically. Initially, the liquidity provision will apply only to the five stablecoin pairs: DAI/USDC, USDC/USDT, FEI/USDC. DAI/USDC, FRAX/USDC. However, the partnership will soon deploy more Uniswap v3 pools to provide liquidity to more pairs. The live G-UNI pools on Zerion will propel the latter to be the leading DeFi platform to also offer fungible Uniswap v3 LP positions at a larger scale.

DeFi Aggregator Scales Up

The platform already powers around $750 million, with an active user base of over 200,000. Zerion’s agile approach to DeFi allows users to trade all Ethereum-based assets without taking custody of its users’ funds. By integrating the Gelato Network protocol, the aggregator hopes to grow even more.

According to Zerion CEO and co-founder Evgeny Yurtaev,

“As a leader in the DeFi space, Zerion is committed to offering users the most comprehensive platform for trading. We believe this integration with Gelato will be massively beneficial to the millions of decentralized finance users, and we will continue to explore integrations that will allow us to deliver the premier DeFi interface.”

Gelato Smoothening The Automation Rocky Road

The crypto market has been quite volatile ever since hitting all-time highs back in May, making it risky to provide concentrated liquidity on DeFi platforms. In such scenarios, dApps powered by the Gelato Network can help out by automating the fee compounding and rebalancing processes and empowering regular users. Plus, Gelato Network can also provide a reliable, decentralized, plug-and-play network of bots to automate smart contract executions on behalf of their users.

Gelato Network has recently launched G-UNI positions within the InstaDapp platform as part of its governance token. Now Zerion’s users can access these G-UNI pools and avail new liquidity mining programs for a more capital-efficient process.

Co-founder of the Gelato Network, Hilmar Maximilian Orth, spoke on the integration, saying,

“Gelato Network is thrilled to work alongside Zerion to offer automated smart contract services within their user-friendly DeFi management platform. G-UNI makes providing liquidity seamless and automated through bots that automatically reinvest fees, automatically rebalance ranges to maximize liquidity depth, while making liquidity provider positions fungible, similar to how Uniswap v2 LP positions work.”

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