Halborn Security Concludes Audit Of EasyFi Farming Contract

EasyFi has announced that Haliborn Security has successfully completed a thorough audit of the protocol’s farming contracts. This includes the complete audit of both the liquidity farming sub-modules and the dual farming sub-modules.

Source: cryptodaily.co.uk

Nearing Completion

The conclusion of the farming contract audit is another step for EasyFi towards completing a full protocol audit. The protocol audit will continue in a phased manner until the full reinstatement of the EasyFi protocol. The completion of the audit comes right after EasyFi’s staking module went live after Halborn concluded the audit for the staking contracts.

EasyFi had gone live and announced a mega staking program for EZ and EZ (IOU) token holders after the audit on the staking smart contracts was completed. The protocol has also already completed the first round of security checks and audits for their smart contracts.

Objectives Of The Audit

The EasyFi farming contract module was initiated to cover the following objectives.

  • Ensure smart contract functions work as they are designed to work
  • The audit also identified any potential security issues such as vulnerability to hacks and other external threats related to smart contract functionality and other inter-contract functions.
  • The audit also validated all smart contract sets for extended safety and correctness.
  • After the conclusion of the audit, Halborn Security provided EasyFi with an audit report and all relevant penetration testing conducted.
  • Halborn Security has also provided EasyFi with a list of recommendations for risk mitigation and corrective actions.

Audit Summary

EasyFi initiated a deep 360-degree analysis of the smart contracts deployed on all the networks in collaboration with Halborn Security. The audits covered the following points.

  • Code Analysis – A full study of all codes and data structures related to the farming smart contracts was conducted by Halborn Security. The analysis checked for quality standards and best practices employed by EasyFi for development.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Halborn Security also carried out a full penetration test, checking for potential vulnerabilities or errors. The tests were performed by utilizing a combination of automated and manual testing and utilizing the best security tools in the industry.
  • Risk Analysis – Halborn Security also came up with a thorough risk assessment strategy utilizing best practices, and conducted a protocol-wide risk analysis using established techniques, and scanned for any vulnerabilities that could potentially have an impact on contract execution.
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