EasyFi Successfully Concludes The First Round Of Checks And Audits

EasyFi has just announced to its community that their security advisor, Halborn Security, has completed the first round of audits and security checks for their smart contracts. The completion of the first round marks the completion of the first step of a planned full protocol audit.

Source: cryptodaily.co.uk

The EasyFi team will be implementing the full audit in a phased manner leading up to the full reinstatement of the EasyFi protocol. As you may recall, Halborn Security is helping the EasyFi team as the official security advisor and auditor for the network.

The Audit Report

The audit report submitted by Halborn Security has been made publicly available and has been shared by EasyFi on their Twitter handle. Those interested in the details of the report can access the report to understand the audit further.

Halborn Security has been retained by Easyfi on an ongoing basis to review the security of the protocol.

Objectives Of The Audit

Through the audit, EasyFi wanted to achieve the following objectives.

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the smart contract function for EasyFi’s Staking modules.
  • Identify any security issue with the smart contracts relating to threats such as oracle attacks, inter-contract functions, and economic attacks.
  • Provide a comprehensive review and report of all tests and audits conducted.
  • Validate safety and correctness relating to the whole set of contracts.
  • Recommend corrective and risk mitigation actions based on individual and overall results.

Audit Summary

During the initial stages of the audit, EasyFi began a thorough audit of the smart contracts deployed on the staking and farming modules.

  • The audit comprised a complete study of the code and data structure and the quality standards implemented to test and develop staking and farming contracts. This was carried out to check for any lingering vulnerabilities and errors.
  • Halborn devised a comprehensive strategy for the audit that utilized the best practices for the industry, coupled with established techniques. This allowed Hallborn to conduct a risk-scale-based analysis that searched for any vulnerability in the contracts and their impact during the contracts’ execution.
  • Using the best security tools in the business, Halborn successfully performed a combination of manual and automated security testing.
  • Risks that were identified ranged from low to informational and rectified immediately.

The completion of the audit is the first step towards the complete reinstatement of the EasyFi protocol. There will still be a series of audits and checks that the protocol will continue to perform to ensure the security of the protocol and user funds.

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