EasyFi Brings High Return Farming Opportunities With EZ Tokens

EasyFi has initiated several farming and staking opportunities over the past few weeks, with both generating significantly high Annual Percentage Rate (APR). EasyFi announced several farming opportunities on both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Source: cryptodaily.co.uk

The farming opportunities on Polygon were announced in partnership with the Dfyn Network, Unifarm, and Beefy Finance, and on Binance Smart Chain with PancakeSwap and Beefy Finance. The yields on Polygon saw yields of 148% on Dfyn, 79% on Unifarm, and 431% on Beefy Finance, while the yields on Binance Smart Chain saw yields of 190% from PancakeSwap, 503% from Beefy Finance, and 77% from the PancakeSwap syrup pool.

EasyFi Introduces Dual Farming Program With Dfyn Network

EasyFi announced that the EZ token would be available on the Dfyn Network. This marks another initiative that helps add utility to the EZ token. The tokens will be available through an LP token farming program on the Dfyn Network Dual Farm Module.

Users will be able to stake EZ/DFYN LP tokens and farm EZ tokens and DFYN tokens. EasyFi and Router Community members will be able to stake the EZ/DFYN LP tokens for two months, earning EZ and DFYN tokens. According to their respective liquidity position, rewards worth $18,000 in EZ and DFYN tokens will be distributed among the liquidity providers. There will be no lock-in period, and the rewards will be accrued block by block. Users will be able to claim their rewards at any point in time.

The APR is at 144% currently and has stayed above 140% for the past 40 days. The APR is expected to remain at similar levels for the duration of the farm (24 days).

Multi-Token Farming Cohort on Unifarm

EasyFi has also announced the EZ staking and farming cohort on Unifarm. This is a unique farming initiative where users can stake a single token and earn multiple high-value tokens. In this case, users can stake their EZ tokens and earn EZ, RAZE, UFARM, BlZ, FRM, and ERK tokens during the staking period. The current APR stands at 79%, with the expected APR expected to be between 36% and 250%.

Users on EasyFi can also stake their EZ tokens for 90 days or 180 days and earn EZ at an APR of 72.01% and 74.82%, respectively. They can also stake their EZ(IOU) for 60 days or 90 days at an APR of 23.26% and 24.6%, respectively.

PancakeSwap Farming Opportunities

There were two farming opportunities on PancakeSwap, one on PancakeSwap farm and the other on the PancakeSwap syrup pool. PancakeSwap farm users could add to an EZ-BNB liquidity pool and deposit the EZ-BNB LP token on the PancakeSwap farm. Users could stake their EZ-BNB LP token and FARM CAKE in return for almost 250% APR. On the PancakeSwap syrup pool, users could stake their CAKE tokens and farm EZ tokens at an APR of 80%.

Beefy Finance Staking Opportunities

Users can also use the LP tokens staked on Dfyn and PancakeSwap on Beefy Finance vaults that were created on Polygon and BSC. The Polygon vault’s APR is currently at 309% but had gone up to 650% APR while the vault on BSC has its APR currently at 433%, but was as high as 600%.

EZ & EZ IOU Staking

EasyFi’s new staking programs have been designed exclusively for EZ and EZ(IOU) token holders. These programs have been launched on the new and improved user interface on the EasyFi app. The details of the staking program can be found here.

More Programs In The Pipeline

EasyFi is working on multiple incentivization programs on all three networks. These include the following.

  • Onboarding of new partners to create new staking and farming programs
  • Revisit ongoing partnerships and explore opportunities to extend them.
  • EasyFi will also explore farming opportunities with ongoing partnerships.
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