2021 Crypto Trends: What Can We Expect to Happen?

Cryptocurrency has enjoyed a surge in popularity throughout 2021, but with a few months still left of the year to happen, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of different trends that everyone should still know about. There are a number of different trends that can be expected to happen throughout the remainder of 2021, so let’s take a look at each one and highlight just why each factor can be considered to have an impact in the near future.

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Decentralised Finance

Most people will already know about the decentralised element that Bitcoin and crypto have, which is why it is no surprise that this factor will be something that continues to grow in the future. There have already been strong performances within this financial sector, and with experts predicting that adoption of digital storage of these assets will be accelerated, there is no doubt that DeFi will increase.

More Stablecoins

Stablecoins have continued to grow in numbers over the last few years, and with many of them offering a number of huge advantages that has seen them grow into coins that are trending already, more and more investors are already investing in them as a means to protect themselves from the market volatility being suffered by more traditional cryptos.

Bitcoin Gambling

Indeed, online gambling is one reason why crypto has managed to receive a huge boost in use and ownership in recent years with bettors able to use Bitcoin because of the advantages that the digital token will provide them and, as such, why it has to be considered one of the trends that will likely continue to happen throughout the remainder of 2021.

When using them at the best live dealer crypto casino available, holders will be able to benefit by receiving the highest levels of security and safety, whilst also taking advantage of positives including faster transactions and low fees.

Tax Regulations

As the crypto market continues to boom and expand to countries that are starting to adopt them as a legal tender or a way in which some financial transaction can take place, it would not be a surprise if tax regulations were to be brought in. Of course, it is a currently unclear area, but it would not be a shock if countries decided to benefit from holders who use it within their jurisdiction, even if it will be an unpopular move considering the decentralised aspects of crypto.

Crypto Tax

Adding on to the tax regulations mentioned above, another trend that we may see before the end of 2021 could be to see an introduction of the crypto tax. A number of countries are already believed to be making plans to implement it into law, whilst there are governments said to be creating tools to monitor any cryptocurrency transactions that are taking place.

Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)

The Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is one of the most anticipated features that are yet to be implemented. Should it ever be permitted, it will allow for funds to be traded on the stock exchange. There is no reason why this trend would not boom in 2021 if it were permitted, as more traders would likely invest in cryptocurrencies, thus making the overall market benefit hugely.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs have taken the industry by storm over the last 12 months, with these digital assets being able to represent physical products in real life, as well as in digital form. These are useful for those who wish to be able to trade items as they can enjoy a rather simple process.

As mentioned, NFTs are already highly popular, with these being used in the art and gaming industries already, however it should only be a matter of time before they are adopted in other industries.

Interest from Millennials

It is not just investors who have become infatuated with the crypto world, as millennials have taken a huge interest in the market as it appears to become more interesting and enter the mainstream more prominently.

One trend of 2021 is to see more materials become available regarding cryptocurrency, including educational tools that can help them to invest in the industry and potentially become successful doing so.

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